Corona vaccine online registration in Assam

Corona virus a world wide pandemic has lead to many deaths across Assam(India) and all over the world. To decrease the death and infection toll government of India has taken many measures, one of the example is Lockdown. As Lockdown provides us environment to brake the chain of infection, but as it shows decline of infection cases which is good sign. But as lockdown ends the cases can go high again due to interaction. Thus government is trying to vaccinate us to make us Immune against Chini Virus or Corona virus.

  • Why & Where to register for vaccination.
  • How to register for Vaccine online in Assam.
  • Tricks to register for vaccination 100% assured technique.
  • Required documents for online registration of vaccine in Assam.
  • Details Of the worlds largest vaccination drive.
  • Free 🆚 Paid vaccine comparison.
  • Vaccine Slot availability Checker & Notifier.

As Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt of India has decided to run worlds largest vaccine drive, to vaccinate all the citizens of India. The online registration has begun for both 18-44 and 45+ groups, thus it is necessary for 18-44 group to register before visiting to the vaccination site.

Why to register for vaccination in assam?

Why to register for vaccination: One belongs to 18-44 group must needs to be registered online for vaccination. It has to be done due to the guidelines setted by government. If one registers himself/herself online then he/she doesn’t need to stand in queue between so many peoples during this pandemic. You can go in time that can be selected during your dose scheduling.

Where to register for vaccination in assam?

Where to register for vaccination: For registration government has provided us with many platforms which are Cowin, Arogya Setu and UMANG App. A person can visit anyone of them and can register themselves by following below provided steps.

How to register for vaccine online in Assam?

In this case we are using Cowin portal so please follow the steps for registration with Cowin :-

(we are briefly providing you the step by step guide)

  1. Open your Cowin portal by visiting the website.
  2. Search and click on the Registration and Log in button in yellow colour.
  3. Enter your mobile number and wait for OTP.
  4. Enter your OTP which is recently been sent to you by Cowin portal.
  5. Then click on Add member
  6. After that Select your Document from available list, that you want to provide.
  7. Fill-up the form and Submit.
  8. After submitting check and click on schedule button.
  9. Enter your Pin Code or search via district.
  10. You can use the given filters to find accurate data.
  11. Check If booking is available or not.
  12. If available click on the available dose session.
  13. Select your time slot and enter the given captcha code.
  14. Finish. You will get a message and appointment letter which you can download.
  15. Take the appointment letter and the required document mentioned in the letter while taking vaccine.

What are the required documents for corona vaccine?

During your vaccination registration time you must choose from anyone of the documents mentioned below. This document’s verifies you for being eligible of taking documents.

Mobile Number: Mobile number is very important while registering and taking vaccine as the message will come to your given number. After your 2nd dose of vaccine you can download your vaccination certificate with the help of your mobile number.

Documents lists that are valid for vaccination of corona

  • Aadhar Card
  • Pan Card
  • Voter ID
  • Driving License
  • Passport
  • Pension Passbook
  • NPR Smart Card

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How to get vaccine slot, tricks to register for vaccine

In recent time it has been seen that the people who are trying for booking of vaccine are unable to do it. They are unable to do it coz of low vaccine slot availability, as we to suffered from this problem. Everytime when we check for the vaccination slot it is always shown us booked. Here problem needed to be cured with a little trick, the trick is to use your well known persons. How? lets see.

1. Take minimum 10 friends, family, or any known person who are also not vaccinated and make a team with them. As a single person checking for whole day is very difficult, as we all have some works to do. So the trick is to divide the time ⌚ from morning to night between the members of your team. When slots arrive just quick notify two members and say them to notify others and book your dose. And remember to help others as the team will again need during your second dose. This trick is so effective that many of my friends, coluges have applied the same trick and in one or two day they have taken the vaccine.

2. There is another trick that is to Join the telegram channel which notifies you when vaccine becomes available in your area. This trick is for those who are unable to make the team as they maybe away from their home. Join this channel and book your vaccine whenever it arrives in your area. This trick is also a well known very effective for getting notified. So join this channel by clicking or following this link @upassam.

Details Of the worlds largest vaccination drive.

India the world`s largest democracy is running worlds largest vaccine drive against the global covid-19 pandemic. In this vaccination drive government is providing free vaccines in the government hospitals of India. Government is also providing paid one in private hospitals.

Vaccine for Disease: Covid-19 or Corona.

Vaccine names: Covishield, Covaxin and Sputnik-V.

Ministry Responsible: Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India.

Eligible Age: As of now it is for 18+.

Eligible Citizens: As of now only Citizens of India.

Helpline Number: 1075 and 01123978046.

What is the difference between free and Paid vaccine?

As of now vaccination is done free of cost at the government hospitals for all peoples age 18+. As government of Assam declares free vaccine at govt. hospitals, people who wish to take vaccine can also visit the private hospitals for paid vaccination. There are very limited differences between paid and free corona vaccination. The difference are such

  1. That in paid medium the slots are easy available compare to free medium.
  2. The private hospital charges are up to ₹250 and government charges ₹0 for the corona vaccination.

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