How to make caste certificate in Assam-2021. Apply online

Overview :- Caste Certificate is a certificate which gives special provisions to SC/ST and OBC, for adequately represent in the country because of lack of representor from the certain classes of people. Caste Certificate or Jati Praman Patra is a legal document that acts as an proof for a person belonging to any caste. Caste Certificate is provided to many tribes and groups under the State Government of India. Caste Certificates are very important for any persons to be eligible in many Government schemes, Scholarship Schemes and reserved quotas for job and education in many different sectors.

Days Required:- 30 days maximum.

What are the different types of castes available in India specifically in Assam?

The type of caste groups present in India and specifically in Assam. which are mentioned below.

Assam :- Forward Caste [General Category], Backward Caste [OBC / MOBC, SC, ST(Hill), ST(Plain)]

India :- Forward Caste (General Category), Backward Caste (OBC,SC,ST)

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How to apply caste certificate online in Assam for SC?

To apply SC Caste Certificate online the citizen/person can visit to any nearby Common Service Centres (CSC) also known as “Arunodoy Kendra”, Public Facilitation Centres (PFCs) at DC, SDO & Circle Offices or they can apply it by there own with the help of Internet. The certificate will be dully digitally signed and one can verify it online at  website.

How to apply caste certificate online in Assam for ST?

Presently in Assam the Caste Certificates for ST both belong to hilly and plain area has to be apply offline. There is no online services provided for ST caste to make online Caste Certificate in Assam.

How to apply caste certificate online in Assam for OBC?

Presently in Assam the Caste Certificates for OBC has to be apply offline. There is no online services provided for OBC to make online Caste Certificate in Assam.

What is the eligibility criteria for applying online caste certificate?

#The person should be a citizen of India

#He/She must be a permanent resident of Assam

#He/She must belong to a tribe or group that is recognized as Schedule Caste/Schedule Tribe/Other Backward Class of the state of Assam

What are the documents required to apply Caste Certificate in Assam?

The documents required for applying Caste Certificate are :-

  1. Scan copy of application form.
  2. One passport size photograph of the applicant.
  3. Permanent resident certificate or any other proof of residency caste certificate of parents or any supporting proof of caste status.
  4. Affidavit by the applicant or parents in lieu of (C).
  5. Report of Gaonburah in case of rural areas/Ward Commissioner in case of urban areas.
  6. Recommendation of President/Secretary of District President of Anushushit Jati Parishad/Chairman of Scheduled Caste Development Board/President/Secretary of the Apex body of Caste Organizations authorized by Government as the case may be copy of legacy data as per NRC 1951,electoral role between 1966&1971

How the process will happen step by step details.

  • After receiving the application along with all the required documents the Designated Public Servant will forward the application within 5 (five) working days to the concerned Circle Officer for his report.
  • The Circle Officer will submit his report within 20 (twenty) working days from the date of receiving the application from the office of DC/SDO (Civil) after verifying the details through field verification.
  • The designated Public Servant will issue/reject the Certificate based on the report of concerned Circle Officer within 5 (five) days from the date of receipt of the report .The whole process of issuing the Caste Certificate will take a maximum of 30(thirty) working days.