How to Make Employment Exchange Card in Assam-Upassam

As Employment Certificate is one of the most important documents asked in many government jobs. How to make employment certificate becomes a big question for new aspirants as they mostly find it a new thing. In this article we will discuss about :-

  • What is Employment exchange certificate.
  •  Why Employment exchange certificate needs.
  • How to renew Employment exchange certificate
  •  What is the eligibility criteria.
  • How to Apply Online?
  •  What documents are needed.
  • How to produce Employment exchange certificate and.
  • What is the application fees?

What is Employment Exchange Certificate?

Employment Exchange certificate is a certificate which certifies you for being eligible for jobs. After getting this certificate you will be eligible to opt for any job either it is a government or private.

Employment ID: Employment ID is a number that will be given to you in your certificate. This ID number is asked by organization recruiters when you apply for job. This ID remains valid for approx 3-4 years, after that you have to renew it again.

Why do we need Employment exchange certificate?

We need this certificate because it make candidates eligible for sponsorship for trainings or coaching under various different Govt. schemes. Also this certificate verifies your age, your educational qualification etc. This certificate verifies that you are not a child for job, thus the organization giving you job cannot be charged in child labour act 1986. As you need to produce your certificates while you apply for job, having this certificate makes it more trust worthy.

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How to renew Employment Exchange Certificate in Assam?

To renew Employment Exchange Certificate one must visit to employment exchange office with the same certificate issued previously.

Eligibility Criteria for applying Employment Certificate in Assam ?

The eligibility criterion for applying employment exchange certificate is that, the aspirants or their parent’s place of residence should be in Assam for about 20 years.

How to apply Employment Exchange Certificate online in Assam?

Presently in Assam this service is fully in offline mode. So you cannot apply in online mode.

What are the documents required for Employment Exchange Certificate?

The required documents needed during the process should be original as well as copy.

  • Proof of Residency such as (Aadhar, Voter ID, etc.)
  • Your proof of age such as (Birth Certificate, Aadhar, Admit card of HSLC or HS, etc.)
  • Your Documents regarding Educational qualification such as (Mark sheets, Admit cards, etc.)
  • Any previous work experience certificate(not mandatory)
  • Any other course completion certificates such as (BCA, PGDCA in Computer, Typography, etc.)
  • Caste certificate.
  • Take few recently clicked passport size photos (in case required)
  • Aspirant’s  disability Certificate from competent authorities, if applicable.

How to make Employment Certificate in Assam?

  1. To make employment certificate one must be eligible with the above mentioned eligibility criteria.
  2. Visit the nearest employment exchange office which is available in your respective Districts.
  3. Check for the Registration Counter of Employment Exchange.
  4. When asked show them your required original documents.
  5. Then registration form will be given to you.
  6. Fill up the registration form.
  7. Then go ahead and submit the form with keeping required original documents handy.
  8. The form will be verified by Officials of Employment Exchange.
  9. Verification Pass.
  10. Employment Exchange Certificate will be issued and given to you.
  11. Your registration is successfully completed.

What is the application fee for Employment Exchange Certificate?

There is no such application fee required to produce Employment Exchange Certificate. It is totally free of cost.

What are the guidelines for filling up the Employment Exchange form?

  • The candidate has to fill all the information from point 5 to point 23. Any doubt related to filling form can be sorted by asking help from the office employees.
  • Optional questionnaire may also be filled (if want).

Hope you got the knowledge about how to make employment exchange certificate in Assam. For any required topics to cover you can follow us on telegram on this link and ask for it. Thank you for being with us 🙏 — upassam.